4 Effective Email Techniques to Boost Your Online Business Growth

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Email marketing is the last thing you want to think about, right? Or are you completely stumped with how you can reactivate your audience? We get it & we can completely take this off your plate by booking a free consultation here.  It’s often seen as a complex, demanding task, leaving many online business owners wondering where to start.

Email marketing is often the last thing online business owners implement because it feels complicated, demanding, and another to-do list item. 

However, an email list is your biggest asset in business because you own that information (unless they unsubscribe, of course). It’s your direct line to your audience, a golden opportunity to nurture and convert them. 

Finding a schedule so you consistently show up for them with value is the secret. That is the #1 way to build trust & authority. 

If you’re overwhelmed by the next steps, we’ve broken down email marketing into a simple, 5-step process to get you on track.

Overcome The Fear of Starting:

One of the main reasons we see clients shy away from email marketing is the fear of starting. It may feel like a massive, impossible task. You may ask questions about the email content, frequency, or delivery style. But remember, starting small is okay. Remember, this is an asset that belongs to YOU. All the followers, subscribers, etc., you have on social media aren’t.

Take a moment to think about the platform you want to be on OR see how you can clean up your current list so you can start with a refreshed list.

Build a Schedule Around It:

Email marketing isn’t something to be done when you find the time. The lack of consistency can cause your audience to lose interest & find other solutions. We recommend having a day each week or month to dedicate your time to email marketing.

It helps if you know what you are sharing on social media, that can inform your email marketing. We will chat more about this below.

Repurpose Your Social Media Content:

Understanding what you’re sharing on social media can take a lot of mental strain off of you when it comes to your newsletters. Repurposing your content saves time and ensures you deliver content your audience has already shown interest in.

It is also important to consider what you sell that month or quarter. Having your social media content filter into your list & then in your offer is the secret to a successful business.

Any person you admire utilizes this kind of funnel to streamline sales.  

What is important when repurposing is remembering to update the content. The people you speak to on social media differ from those on your email list. People on your email list are already aware of their problems & are looking for a solution from YOU. 

Review Your Analytics Monthly:

The most important analytics are your Open Rates and Click Rates. These two numbers will teach you how your audience wants to be marketed. Open Rates can tell you how well your subject lines are doing.

Your Click Rates can tell you how well your copy is leading someone to take action. Dedicating 30 minutes to this each month will help you improve the following month’s content. 

Email marketing (just like any marketing tool) is meant to be fluid. It is an asset to your business that will show you how to improve along the way.

P.S.: Here’s Your Quick Email Marketing Checklist:

  • Embrace the start. It’s less scary than it seems.
  • Make email a priority in your marketing strategy.
  • Recycle and repurpose your best content.
  • Check your analytics monthly for consistent growth.
  • Book a free consultation if you’d prefer someone else to take on this project.

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