How to Boost Sales with Customer Awareness in 5 Simple Steps

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Are you struggling to convert your audience into paying customers/clients? 

There can be numerous reasons why this disconnect is happening! If you are interested in a deeper dive into the disconnect within your business, book a free consultation.

What is often overlooked in understanding your customer’s awareness? There are so many ways your ideal audience can find you online. 

This means your clients/customers will be at different stages of awareness about the problem they face and the transformation your business provides. 

The way to use this to your advantage is to develop a content strategy that supports your audience, no matter their awareness. You’re taking your audience on a journey from being problem-unaware to solution-aware. 

Below, we will be diving into the five stages of customer awareness so you can focus your time on creating content that converts.

Understanding the Five Stages of Customer Awareness

When it comes to understanding your ideal client/customer, you need to understand their problem(s) & the possible solutions to those problems(s) they’re looking for.

This is the journey you want to take your ideal client/customer on:

  • Problem Unaware: They need to know they have a problem that needs solving. 
  • Problem Aware: They know they have a problem but are unsure of potential solutions. 
  • Solution Aware: They know solutions exist but need to know your product/service is one of them.
  • Product Aware: They know your product/service can solve their problem but are still determining if it’s the best option.
  • Most Aware: They’re ready to purchase but might need a final push or reassurance. 

Think about what made you invest in a product or service.

If you look at their marketing, you can see how they take you on this journey from “Did you know you have this problem?!” to “Are you ready to checkout?!” throughout 5 days, 14 days, or even 21 days of the launch period. 

Choosing the Right Platforms for Each Stage of Awareness

Before you dive into creating your content, you need to be mindful of the platform you share this content on. Something we will also stand behind is being very intentional on two platforms only! 

There isn’t a reason to be on every single platform unless you have the support of a team to do so. It is a lot of work to repurpose content on platforms that come & go.

Below is an example of how your ideal client/customer goes from being a cold to a hot lead. 

Unaware Stage: Social media platforms are great for this stage. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest can help reach a broad audience through video content, writing, or infographics.

Problem-Aware Stage: Blog posts and podcasts can help illustrate the problem in more detail. A YouTube video or LinkedIn article explaining the challenges they face is also a great option.

Solution-Aware Stage: At this stage, your content becomes more targeted, which can include using Facebook groups, email marketing, or hosting webinars/masterclasses, for example. They often have given their email or phone number in exchange!

Product-Aware Stage: This is where you want your product/service to stand out! You can utilize product/service demos, case studies, customer testimonials, and comparison charts to help build trust and credibility. We recommend putting this information on your website and/or landing pages.

Most Aware Stage: Personalized emails or text messages, sales calls, or hosting a live can help them make the final leap to investing in your product or service.

For example, you can use social media to educate your audience on stages 1-3 and funnel them to your email list to seal the deal on stages 4-5.

This is a VERY simple strategy you can use right away! As your business grows, you can start incorporating different sales funnels to incorporate more passive income into your business.

Crafting Content for Each Stage of Customer Awareness

Your head might be spinning here. However, to help you visualize what this can look like for your business, we created a simple content strategy below.

Problem Unaware: You aim to generate awareness about the problem. This is where you can highlight the fears they might be having. You want them to think, “How are they in my head right now?!”

Problem Aware: Now that your audience recognizes the problem, deepen their understanding of it and its impacts. This is where you dive deeper into their pains to reveal how they impact their everyday lives.

Solution Aware: At this stage, your audience is looking for solutions. This is where you want to provide possible solutions that they can start utilizing right away for quick wins. The more value you provide, the better!

Product Aware: Your goal is to distinguish your offer from others. This is where you introduce your services/digital products that can help them overcome these fears & pains.

The most important part is highlighting why they should invest in YOU & the transformation your offer can provide them over your competitors.

Most Aware: When your customers are ready to purchase, provide content that offers a final push. This is where you might do a live Q&A call or free consultation to give your ideal customer/client the confidence to lay their credit card down.

By understanding your customer/client’s awareness level, you can tailor your content to guide them from problem-unaware to solution-aware. The more you implement this strategy, the easier it will become to create content to generate and convert leads for your business.

P.S.: Just in case you skipped to the bottom, here is the gist:

  • Recognize the different stages of customer awareness.
  • Tailor your content strategy to each stage.
  • Choose the right platforms for effective outreach.
  • Implement the strategy to see a marked improvement in lead generation and conversion.

P.S.S. If you want help developing your content strategy so you can focus on just creating, book a free consultation!

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