Build a Social Media Strategy: 6 Essential Tips for Online Business Growth

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Do you feel like you’re constantly struggling to keep up with social media, only to find yourself burnt out and disconnected from your audience? 

You’re not alone & you can book a free consultation to learn how we can refine & develop your social media strategy so you don’t have to!

You might be just like us where we would:

  • Overthink our content
  • Frantically try to get something up so we are showing up
  • Feel disappointed in the lack of engagement.

Plus, with the algorithms changing at the drop of a dime, it can be confusing as to what is worth creating & doing in your business to grow.

Regardless of the algorithm, you want your content to be consistent & sustainable. Let’s dive into creating a social media marketing strategy that doesn’t just keep up with the trends but thrives on consistent, meaningful connections.

Building Your Social Media Framework

Understanding who you serve is the first step to creating a social media strategy. Our biggest mistake in our other business was not speaking to one person. This made it confusing for us and our audience. 

Once you have your ideal client in mind, it is about being intentional about where we share our content. Think about where your ideal client is hanging out online. Is it on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc?

We also want you to consider what platforms you are excited to create content for. Understanding where your ideal client is and the platform you love yourself sets you up for success. Aim for 2 platforms only to minimize the overwhelm of trying to be on all platforms at once!

Creating Content With a Purpose

Many people go wrong by being content to either just get something up OR chase the latest trends in hopes of going viral.

The goal is to create intentional content that serves your audience. What does your audience need right now? Craft content that addresses current pain points & provides tangible solutions.

Along the same lines as serving your audience, you also run a business. By aligning your content with your current business goals, you can create a mix of content that provides wins for your audience & business.

By creating this intentional content, you can repurpose that content with ease. 

You can turn…

  • YouTube videos into blogs or podcasts.
  • Blogs into Instagram graphics or tweets.
  • Turn graphics or tweets into Tiktoks or Reels.

There are endless ways to repurpose your content!

Automating Your Growth

Instead of scrambling to post content on the go, scheduling software can be a game-changer. By understanding your audience & the platform you’re on, you can decide on a frequency to schedule your content. Depending on your goals, the more you post, the more real estate you’ll take up online.

However, if posting daily isn’t manageable, don’t do it. You are here to create intentional rather than random content. Utilizing a tool like GoHighLevel, Planoly, etc., you can automate your scheduling, creating more mental space in your life.

Analyzing to Adapt

To ensure your content is moving the needle in your business, check the analytics of the platforms you’re on. This can provide information on your audience’s demographics, what content resonates, and more.

This data will help refine your marketing strategy so you always feel confident in what to do next. Plus, we recommend looking at engagement daily to gain further information on your audience. People want brands & businesses that listen, which you can do by responding to comments & messages.

For those ready to cultivate a lasting online presence, we’ve created a checklist to guide them through creating a sustainable social media marketing strategy. 

Don’t let social media hinder the success of your business. You can book a free consultation with us to see how we can refine & optimize your social media strategy.

Thanks for sticking with me until the end. Your time is valuable; we’re here to help you make the most of it.

P.S. If you’re the type to skip to the P.S., here’s the gist:

  • Build your framework by understanding your target audience & the platforms they’re on.
  • Create content that provides value & tangible solutions consistently.
  • Utilize scheduling tools to free up your time.
  • Check your analytics monthly to improve your strategy.
  • Book a free consultation to learn how we can refine & develop your social media strategy.

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