Effective Tips for Social Media Marketing Without Increasing Your Workload

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What I noticed, both in my business & my client’s businesses, is how easy social media marketing can slip through the cracks. If this sounds like you, book a free consultation as Katie (my business partner) & I would love to help you create a strategy that is both sustainable & effective. 

The reason this happens is because we get busy managing clients & customers on top of being a wife/husband, mother/father, friend, sibling, etc. I can’t tell you how many times I posted & ghosted my audience because I couldn’t find a way to use social media platforms consistently.

However, my goals are 10x bigger than my blocks for creating & posting content. Below you will find the 5 effective tips Katie, my business partner, and I use to manage our social media marketing effectively and efficiently.

Ensure Your Marketing Plan Match Your Business Goals

This was the biggest mistake I made when growing my health coaching business. I would post content just to post content. There was no intention which meant my content wasn’t serving anyone. This is something you might be experiencing too.

You’re in this rush from task to task that you think, “oh shit I haven’t posted in a while” leading you to post just post. When we fall into this trap, we end up wasting time & getting frustrated with our lack of conversions from social media to clients/customers.

The way to avoid this is by ensuring you create a social media marketing plan that matches the goals you have set for yourself. This will ensure your type of content you create points to a CTA that is reflective of what you want to achieve. 

Plus, it is so damn important to ensure you’re speaking to one person! This is what allows you to find & serve your people the best in your digital marketing. 

Prioritizing Your Social Media Platforms

It is often preached that we must be on every new platform at all times. It is frankly unrealistic unless you have the money to hire a full blown team for social media alone.

I do believe you should make social media accounts to claim your username, however, it doesn’t mean you need to post on them. That is what Katie & I have done. After we did this, we were able to make intentional decisions about where we wanted to market.

We took into consideration what platforms our ideal customer is using and what platforms we felt confident using. And lastly, what ones we could stick to. The thing with organic marketing is that it takes time to grow & see results. Which means you need to be consistent! Some people use social media advertising to grow faster however I don’t recommend anyone jump into this right away.

I would recommend you select two platforms (preferably one long & short form) that you can stick to creating social media posts for.

Our social media marketing platforms are blogging (long form) and Pinterest (short form).

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Using ChatGPT for Repurposing

Let me tell YOU that AI has changed the game for me! I honestly don’t know how I was creating content before tools like ChatGPT. It was made repurposing content so much easier, however, I see so many people miss using it.

Online business owners think they can just copy & paste what ChatGPT spits out and call it a day. I think of AI as a way to get the ball rolling on my creativity. I utilize it to create outlines for blogs, optimize email subject lines, create scripts for video content, and so much more. 

What this means is that whatever ChatGPT gives me I must edit in order for the content to sound like me. Plus, I use it as a chance to weave stories into my content. That is what makes my content a) stand out and b) relatable. 

Plus an effective social media marketing tip is using your long form content (YouTube, Podcast, etc) to be the anchor for your short form social content (Instagram, TikTok, etc). This is something every business owner should do to make it easier to manage your social media channels.

I will be doing a blog on this soon as this tool is something I believe all business owners need in their toolbox. 

Automate Engagement & Scheduling Social Media Posts

When I realized I could automate engagement on social media, I was floored. I would resent engagement because I didn’t see it as a way to build relationships with my audience. 

This was due to working with a mentor that promoted cold DMing and engaging on random accounts for 10-15 minutes a day. That strategy never felt good to me, but I did it because I thought that’s what I had to do to be successful. 

Using tools like ManyChat or The Streamline Success System (coming very soon btw), you can now automatically respond to comments, stories, and DMs. You have probably seen this on accounts you follow. If you see a CTA like “Comment guide below”, that is a trigger for AI to send them a DM with the link to said guide.

Isn’t that amazing!? Plus if you start scheduling your content so you’re always ahead that gives you so many hours back in your day.

Scheduling can either be done with a social media management platform like Later Media or with a Virtual Assistant too. 

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Use Social Media Analytics Effectively

So many business owners (myself included) forget how valuable your analytics can be. The way Katie & I like to review our analytics is on a monthly or quarterly basis. This allows our content time to marinate and collect data.

The social media metric that matter to us is:

  • Demographics to see how we can refine our ideal customer.
  • Reach to see what content is best for reaching new audiences.
  • Engagement to see what content connects with our audience the most.
  • Profile clicks to see what content is leading people to learn more about us (& possible convert to)

Again, this could be its own blog on what analytics are worth keeping an eye on. By reviewing your data, you’re able to see the results from social media marketing. This allows you to pivot & ensure you’re moving the needle in your business.

I would set a reminder in your calendar to check your analytics on a monthly basis, especially if you’re looking to improve your social media marketing.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is something all of us need to do as online business owners. That doesn’t mean we need to listen to every guru we see online. My intention with this blog is to give you social media marketing strategies that make it easier for you to find a routine that works for your business & life.  

That is what will prevent the overwhelm & stress you might be feeling now. If that does sound like you book a free consultation to learn about our signature system that will streamline your business success without putting more on your to-do list.  

P.S. If this blog was too long to read, here is the gist:

  • Ensuring your social media goals are aligned with your business goals.
  • Focus on 2 platforms at a time (you don’t need to be on all of them right away).
  • Start using ChatGPT to help your social media marketing campaigns.
  • Automate your engagement & scheduling of posts.
  • Check your social media analytics on a monthly basis.


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