10 Online Business Tools That Will Systemize & Automate Your Business

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Being a busy business owner with far too much on their to-do list can be overwhelming to think of where to get started. You already don’t have enough hours in a day, the tasks you’re doing are sucking the life out of you, and the idea of outsourcing is overwhelming. If this sounds like you, book a free consultation to learn how we can systemize your whole business for you!

The key to solving all your problems is systemizing the backend of your business. This is what Katie, my business partner, and I did. By taking the time to build out systems & processes our business is able to support us (even when we aren’t working).

These are the top 10 tools I recommend any busy business owner use to start systemizing their business today. 

Inbox & File Management: G-Suite

This was the very first tool Katie & I invested in! G-Suite (now Google Workspace) is an essential tool for managing your inbox and files. It includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and other Google services, providing us a solid foundation for document & communication organization.

Plus we took the time to create folders in our Google Drive and filters for our inboxes to ensure everything was streamlined from the get go. 

Password Management: Lastpass

Lastpass was another no brainer for us! Especially for me as I still have family members who write down all their passwords in a notebook…

Not only is that not secure, but it makes it such a headache to have to search for logins when you need them. Lastpass makes it so easy to store passwords, address, bank info, credit cards, and notes in a secure place. We recommend all of our clients get this software to ensure they are protected (especially if they want to expand their team in the future).

Meeting Recorder & Transcriber: Tl;dv

We recently got this software and it has changed how we take sales calls & client meetings. Tl;dv will record and transcribe our meetings which means we can be fully present with whoever we are speaking with.

We no longer need to manage our meeting notes as the software takes care of it for us. Plus we have an automation set up, the transcript automatically gets posted to a Google Doc for future referencing. 

Calendar Management: Acuity or Calendly

It blows my mind when clients come to us and they are still manually managing their calendar. Not only is this a headache for them, but also for their clients too. It opens the door to many back and forth emails which no one has time for.

By syncing our calendars with one of these tools, we’re able to set it and forget it. The platforms will handle collecting important info we need, time zone detection, and the reminders too. This is one of the first automations we recommend all service based businesses get to free up their time ASAP.

Customer Relationship Management: GoHighLevel

This is an all-n-one software for business operations! We primarily use it for customer service management as we are able to monitor lead actions, invoice, send contracts, and manage our clients all in one place.

Plus we are able to set up schedulers, email marketing, social media planning, funnels, and so much more. I could go on and on about this tool, however I will save that for another time.

As a little sneak peek, we are building a system with GoHighLevel to transform business operations for the business owner who wants to grow their business without sacrificing their personal life. If this is something you want to learn more about, book a free consultation!

Project Management: Monday

The number one reason we see clients working 24/7 is because they aren’t clear on what will move the needle in their business. These tasks achieve 80% of the results with just 20% of the effort. Monday.com is our favorite project management tool to ensure we are effectively managing our projects & tasks.

Plus with having a team, we are able to delegate, see who is owning what, and ensure we are all working towards the same goal. Even if you don’t have a team yet, this tool can hold you accountable in ensuring you get shit down daily.

Social Media Management: Later Media & ManyChat

Later Media and ManyChat are essential tools for making social media marketing 10x more manageable. It can be very time consuming trying to stay on top of multiple platforms & the engagement that comes with it. Later Media is great for scheduling posts, planning content visually, and analyzing performance across different social media platforms. 

ManyChat, on the other hand, helps to keep your audience engaged through automated messaging on Instagram and Facebook, making it easier to connect with your customers and drive engagement. Plus, it means a lot less time on social media too!

Email Management: Convert Kit

The number one thing all business owners should focus on is to build an email list. This is something we work diligently on because the people on your list belong to you, unless they decide to unsubscribe, of course. By getting people off of social media & into an email list, you’re able to nurture them with automated campaigns, sequences, and more. 

It can provide you with a warm pool of leads who are excited to buy your services & offers!

Automation Tools: Zapier

Zapier is an automation tool that connects your favorite apps and automates workflows. We like to use this in conjunction with our system to further streamline our daily tasks. It allows us to connect other tools to our CRM which means better organization & optimization. 

I plan to do a full blog on this tool along with sharing our favorite Zaps to get countless hours back in your day! 

Final Thoughts

The thing to remember is you don’t need to add all of this softwares at once! I would start off with a Google Workspace, a CRM, and project management if you’re just getting started. If you’ve been established for a while, I would look into tl;dv, zapier, and our signature system (coming very soon, but we can give you a sneak peak with a quick call here).

Plus it will help you stay on top of important tasks that help you grow your business so you can work less & achieve more over time. Thank you so much for reading & let me know in the comments what tool you’ll add in first

P.S. If this blog was too long to read, here is the gist:

  • Utilize Google Workspace for easy inbox & document organization.
  • Add in LastPass for secure management of passwords.
  • Tl;dv will save you hours by recording & summarizing your meetings.
  • Use Acuity to automate your calendar management.
  • Add in a CRM for efficient management of leads
  • Manage your to-do list all in one place with monday.com 
  • Automate social media scheduling & engagement with Later and ManyChat
  • Create a warm pool of leads with Convert kit for email marketing
  • Automate everything else with Zapier to free up countless hours
  • Book a free consultation if you want support in organizing & optimizing your business operations!




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